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Now I'm Sad (Boo Hoo)


Crywank| Now I’m Sad (Boo Hoo)

My concept of happiness is completely based on fiction,
accustomed to disappointment from the human condition.
I’ve been fed exaggerated emotions and I’ve taken them as wisdom.
Romance has torn me a new one, and now I’m sad.
Try and fish for some compliments, try and find some self worth.
Try to fall in love with another person, try to be loved by the earth.
But when you’re met with constant let downs it feels like things can only get worse.
Expectation tore me a new one and now I’m sad.
Hindsight fucked me up, the past facilitates resentment,
and I get told not to dwell on it, and to live for the present.
Living in first person is hard when you’re not on a track,
and if the present is a gift then I want to send it back.
Roger Ebert said “If you have to ask what it symbolizes then it didn’t”
and I try to work my way around this by being blatant.
I’ve got tonnes of wasted metaphors across my writing pad,
but the only thing I feel honest in expressing is the fact that I am sad.


Add your photo and always know your place.


Add your photo and always know your place.

Dads | Boat Rich

Dads | Boat Rich

Lamer Than Lame
Nerf Herder


Nerf Herder - Lamer Than Lame

Tigers Jaw
Boston Manor


15 - Boston Manor | Tigers Jaw

Baby Blue
King Krule


King Krule - Baby Blue

Edging closer
You swing my way
I’ve got no chance
And nothing to say
But stay
Here for a while
Baby blue


apply ice to that burn my good sir

Sassy Obama

Canon CanoScan LiDE 700F

Nerd culture.


Nerd culture.


Orange is the new black season 2 promotional pics


Dress like you’re going to bump into you favorite band member in a coffee shop.